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A beautique paradise for you, your friends, the birds and the bees...

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Garden for Wellbeing

Imagine a world where your home nurtures you. Imagine you are connected to a family of people, animals and plants who are all working to support each other by creating a living paradise. With you at its heart. Imagine a world like this, this can be your world. 


Garden for Wellbeing are workshops for people who are super keen to know how to grow their own nutrient-dense food for their family and the local community. Gardening with nature not against. Growing edible wildflowers & attracting bees.


Our workshops are designed to help you, help the earth by learning to garden organically in partnership with nature using ‘Beautique Permaculture’ principles. 


Our workshops are small hands-on educational events to inspire our local community to create their own ‘Garden for Wellbeing.’ 

About Amanda - Founder of Garden For Wellbeing

Originally from England, where she studied for a landscape architecture degree before moving to New Zealand with her husband to forge their career teaching productivity and creativity in the construction industry. Amanda is now focusing her attention on building a local network of edible Gardens for Wellbeing in Auckland. Amanda serves as the President of the St Heliers Garden Club and has won the Vegetable cup for the past two years.

Amanda is happiest working in her Garden For Wellbeing surrounded by the local birds, bees and her two Golden Retrievers.

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